Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Little Bit About Me, For a Moment

It was my birthday last month. I had a nice day, except for the part where I said something that made all 3 of my children cry. When the weekend came around, I got to go downtown with some friends to sort of celebrate.
Jeremy gave me the newest Sara Groves CD...he splurged and got the special package that comes with a t-shirt and the director's cut of the CD, which I highly recommend you listen to because it explains the songs and then they take on a whole new level of meaning. Now I cry when I listen to them.
I have to admit, I wasn't that surprised with the CD. But what DID surprise me was the neat little photo collage he made of pictures of us together. Here are most of the pictures he chose:

Malaga, Spain

Somewhere in the CA Redwoods

Main Street, USA (Disneyland)

Turkistan, KZ

On a water taxi in Dubai, UAE

Some small village in Kazakhstan, where we were at a concert and there were critters crawling around in the dilapidated ceiling above us.

Snowboarding in the Italian Alps (not as glamorous as it sounds)

Hiking in Tucson, AZ

Visiting friends in Park City, UT

Edinburgh, Scotland

I liked seeing the pictures that he chose...I probably would have chosen ones of our wedding or the birth of our children, but he chose ones that represent fun stuff we have done together. My goodness, we've gotten to go a lot of cool places!

Last weekend, I went to Lost Canyon Young Life Camp for our church's Women's Retreat. I had a lot of fun, like always. I dressed up in a lot of silly costumes for some skits I was in and a lot of people took pictures of me, but I haven't seen any of them yet, so I'm wondering when they will appear and how embarrassing they will be :) Oh, here are 3 that I found.

We played a game where you had to stand in the middle and tell something you are afraid of (it was kind of a theme of the weekend) and then everyone who also was afraid of that thing would get up and change seats. We always called it Fruit Basket Upset when I was a kid. I never got to the middle of the circle, which is good, because that is honestly something that I get afraid of--a game where you have to come up with something clever on the spot like that and everyone is looking at you from all directions--I'm much more comfortable with a microphone in my hands on a stage or something...weird, huh? But this time, I had a few ideas of things I could say, so here they are:

1) standing in the center of Fruit Basket Upset
2) black widow spiders
3) having only one gallon of milk in the fridge
4) opening refrigerated biscuit dough or anything that might pop while I'm opening it.

I know some of those sound silly, but they all create the same creepy, anxious feeling inside of me where I want to crawl out of my skin a little bit.

The young life camp was awesome and I wasn't too afraid of going on the zipline into the freezing cold lake or riding the Screamer swing...though after teasing everyone about losing their swimsuit on the zipline, mine (yes, the youth pastor's wife) was the one that came undone...but luckily it stayed in place. But it still was embarrassing.

Here's me with some youth group girls who came to help serve at the camp. Jeremy was there at the camp, too, but I think he was avoiding me because Women's Retreat stuff made him uncomfortable.

Some of my sweet friends, Brooke, Molly, and Sarah.

So now you know some things about me. And I only mentioned my kids once (though they were implied in the statement about how much milk is in the fridge...they go through that stuff so fast!).