Thursday, June 25, 2015


Somehow, despite what I thought was my careful planning, I ended up with 3 kids in activities at the same time.  It got a little crazy, but we made it through and they all did well!  

Evan was on the Blue Knights for soccer. He loves playing goalie.  They made it to the playoffs and had an exciting semi-final game which they one in shoot outs after overtime.  They didn't win the final, but it was a good season.

Annie had her last recital at 5 Star Dance Academy.  She loves ballet and tap and her teacher, Miss Sabrina (who I went to high school with).  We're going to miss this place!

She has that performer quality to her, it's so fun to watch, even if her dancing isn't perfect!  This is "A Dream is a Wish"

This is her "Poker Face" costume for tap.  I didn't get a video, but that's okay because I saw it with my eyes :)

Sam played flag football for the first time this year.  He was chosen to be the center for the team, which was a good position for him (though he is ready to start tackling guys!).  His team did well, they were undefeated in their division.  I asked Sam if his coach had played football and he said something about quarterback in the Rose Bowl or something?  So Jeremy and I googled him and were pretty impressed to see that he had been the quarterback that lead the Oregon Ducks to the Rose Bowl in 1994.  He had to hide how small he was by wearing a thick overcoat during his recruitment trip to Oregon, which we thought was pretty interesting.

Diary of a Technology-Free Summer

Because 2 out of 3 of our kids are constantly looking sideways at the computer, and because said kids are prone to act like little gollums when video game time is over, and because we want our kids to have opportunities to experience the full range of human emotions (boredom and drudgery included), we decided to take a break from video games this summer.  There is something about going cold turkey that works--there is a calmness and acceptance of their day and what it will bring (for the most part) that wasn't there when video games were always a possibility.  We aren't against them, but as Jeremy pointed out, the makers of the video games want them to keep playing video games and are not very interested in teaching them patience, integrity, service, and they don't burn very many calories.

So here's a snapshot of what our technology-free summer looks like so far...and it is being shared with packing to move to Chicago so I can't do ALL the things I would love to do with the kids, but they are learning how be calm.  (Though I am finding that reading books is their fall-back option, so I think I am the only mother in the contiguous United States that is restricting reading this summer).

Despite our tendency to over-indulge on reading, we did participate in our library's summer reading program kick-off party.

There's been LOTS of pool time, yay!

Trips to the donut store on the other side of the fence.  I should have never tasted that blueberry muffin/donut!  Now I hear it calling my name at all hours of the night!

Tree climbing at the skate park

When you're going tech-free,you gotta be willing to take a few risks, like letting your 10-year-old build a fire by himself in the backyard at 7:45 am

Origami and life lessons in how to spend money wisely (because money origami book that was $20! and was going to change his life! and he had to have it immediately! was super lame. (sad trombone))
 Learning a new instrument!  This is Sam after maybe 20 minutes of playing the first day!

Dumpster diving...

And hanging out with family, of course!

Father's Day present for my do I compete with my pilot sister who is giving him a flight in a plane with her as the pilot?  Oh well, I gave him this granddaughter...

Now I just need to get better at adding chores to our days...